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Our Housing Disrepair Team in Bristol can help you file a housing disrepair claim. For more information about our services or to check your eligibility, fill out the form or call us at +44 745 030 2869.

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Our Housing Disrepair Team Helps Bristol Tenants

Our housing disrepair team in Bristol specializes in handling claims against council and housing association landlords to ensure tenants have safe and habitable living conditions. If your landlord has failed to address housing disrepair issues, you may be eligible to file a claim.

Our experienced housing disrepair team is here to support you. Whether you complete the form on our website or contact us directly, we will assess your eligibility for a claim and offer free advice. After you fill out the form, one of our solicitors will contact you to guide you through the next steps.

If your property in Bristol or any other UK city has become uninhabitable due to disrepair, our solicitors can assist you in filing a housing disrepair claim. With our ‘no win, no fee’ policy, the entire process is free of charge for you. Call us at +44 745 030 2869 to start the process or fill in the form below.

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What Can You Claim For?

Damp and mould claim
Damp & Mould
water leak issue
Water Leaks
pest infestation
Pest Infestation
structural damage
Structural Damages
broken heating system
Broken Heating Systems
electrical Issues
Electric Issues
Damaged Windows claims
Damaged Windows
claim for Damaged Doors
Damaged Doors
Claim for Damaged gutters drains and pipes
Damaged Gutters, drains, pipes

Landlord Responsibilities for Housing Disrepair

Landlords must ensure your property is safe and livable by repairing the following:
  • Structure and exterior (roof, walls, windows)
  • Sanitary fittings (baths, sinks, basins, pipes, drains)
  • Heating and water systems
  • Gas appliances
  • Ventilation
  • Electrical wiring
These repairs are their responsibility and cannot be charged to you, regardless of your tenancy agreement. Additional repairs may also be covered, depending on your agreement. For advice, contact us at +44 161 697 5956.

When Can I File a Housing Disrepair Claim?

If your rental property has issues that your landlord or housing authority should fix but haven’t, you might be eligible for a housing disrepair claim.

To make a claim, follow the specific procedures for your type of rental (private landlord or council property). Keep records of all communications and any actions taken regarding the disrepair.

You may be entitled to compensation for damages or losses, such as damage to belongings or health issues caused by mold. Don’t suffer in silence. Take action against your landlord today and claim your housing disrepair compensation.

Find Out Today if You’re Eligible to File a No Win, No Fee Housing Disrepair Claim in Bristol.

How Much Compensation Can I Receive for Housing Disrepair?

Compensation for housing disrepair claims varies depending on several factors, including rental cost, extent of the disrepair, and how long the landlord has known about the problem.

If the disrepair makes the property completely uninhabitable, you may receive up to 100% of your rent for the duration of the issue, though this is rare. Typically, compensation ranges from 25% to 50% of your rent.

The severity and persistence of the disrepair significantly influence the compensation amount, as they directly impact your living conditions. It is advisable to seek legal guidance from housing disrepair solicitors to ensure you receive fair compensation.

How Our Housing Disrepair Team Bristol Can Help?

Living with housing disrepair can be stressful and hazardous for you and your family. Our housing disrepair team is here to help you get the support and compensation you deserve.

Housing disrepair cases can be complex, so it’s important to seek legal assistance. As specialists, we know how to make successful claims. We offer a free initial assessment to determine your eligibility and provide reliable legal advice on the next steps.

If you decide to proceed, our team will assist you throughout the entire process, from following the pre-action protocol and submitting your claim to gathering evidence and representing you at your hearing. For more information, contact us today at +44 745 030 2869.

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Housing disrepair issues include dampness and mould, structural damage, pest infestations, water leaks, broken heating systems, and electrical problems.

For free advice from our housing disrepair team, contact us at +44 161 697 5956 or fill out the form on our website. We will help you make a housing disrepair claim against your council or housing association landlord.

If you win a housing disrepair claim, you may receive compensation ranging from 50% to 70% of your rent.

Fill out the form, and one of our expert solicitors will call you within 24 hours to guide you through the next steps.